ASVPM is a nonprofit organization (IRS – registered 501 (c) 3 and CA – registered Inc.) and the founder of the SVPM Scrum Team program run by volunteer professionals as a platform for volunteer professionals to learn and experience scrum fundamentals and other Agile frameworks and practices through the process of immersion.

The Silicon Valley Project Management website, www.SVProjectManagement.com is the first blogging system created by a few leaders of technical and professional project management (PM) in Silicon Valley, California back in 2006. UCSC Extension Silicon Valley sponsored this effort since the beginning of its birth. Thanks to the original volunteer leaders and bloggers improving the site by sharing collective wisdom, experience, and insights, and by blending the art and science of collaborative value generation during the projects’ lifecycle.

Since late summer of 2018, www.SVProjectManagement.com (SVPM) has been managed and updated by a group of Agile-minded volunteer project and program managers, using Agile frameworks tailored to our unique setting and talent pool! We are experienced cross-functional PM volunteers in various fields of technical and professional project and program management. We are working together using a hybrid of Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Extreme Programming (XP), and any framework, technique, or method that helps us convey real-life scenarios facing project managers!

ASVPM Vision & Mission

There are myriad sources regarding project management, from academia to case studies and storyboarding! A quick online search reveals over 3 Billion search results! However, successful project management in the real world requires a continuous collaboration of all sources involved, using almost perfect synchronous efforts, which varies from environment to organizational setting! Almost any project will hardly cross the winning line without considering continuous inspection and adaption to changes, regarding various factors such as cultural, geographic, emotional intelligence, etc.

www.SVProjectManagement.com and the SVPM Scrum Team program are constantly evolving and will continuously share where we are heading with regards to our journey.

Please join us as we are the only hands-on blogging platform creating a global community of Agile Project Management professionals, by Agile PMs, and for Agile PMs. Engage us to help your team and organization. Our teams are ready to serve you and your team regardless of your project size and organizational setting.

Agile and Scaled-Value Project Management Team

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